Reckless Breakage

A Difficult Dawn

Walking back towards the village, the Watchers ever present observing them. The party meets the ghost of Vrak-Chee at the outskirts of the ruined village. The spectre is outraged as he informs the party that a group of trespassers are in the village. He explains they have refused his test and have attacked his ghostly warriors, driving them away. The ghosts can reapparate in an hour or so after being ‘destroyed’ but it is clearly a fruitless battle as the intruders have already destroyed dozens of his warriors while rooting through the party’s campsite. Vrak-Chee is furious at the blatant disrespect to the site of the thri-kreen’s tragedy and asks the party to drive away the intruders. He sends along four of his remaining warriors to help them.

The party approaches the edge of the ruins less than stealthily, and in the darkness of the pre-dawn hours they see no sign of life amid the stones. Lavitz lights a spear and throws it closer. It’s flickering glow allows them to spot on archer, hiding on top of a rocky outcropping, but nothing more. After a couple of false starts, Lavitz charges in and grabs his spear to attack — four arrows scream out of the darkness. Two bite flesh, two dig into the sand past their intended target. Fem assassin

As the fight breaks out, the party struggles beneath a constant rain of arrows as they batter down the first archer and then assault the crumbling ruin of a small house. The Watchers at last take action, pouring their will onto Nythok, the dray’s resistance crumbles and he attacks his companions with his arcane powers before crumpling to the ground. Next they urge Lavitz to turn his spear on his allies, while invisible assassins appear out of the darkness nearby. Shaqtir confronts the assassin’s leader, who turns out to be more than he estimate. Summoning the desert winds, the strange woman flies away from the thri-kreen but he pursues. Annoyed, she pronounces him “more trouble than you’re worth!” and with a stunning blow to his head and chest, knocks the thri-kreen out cold.

The rest of the party fights on, falling to bone-shattering blows only to struggle up again as they come to each other’s aid. Only Zamru holds out well, dodging arrow after arrow and delivering sharp blows to any assassin standing his way. Nythok rises to his feet and with a surge of arcane rage, sends thoughts of anger and death to the female leader, and struck with fear of death greater than the fear of her masters, she surrenders. Wild with fear, the archers continue to fire on the group, but without their leader’s aid, they are eventually struck down by the exhausted party.

The sun rises on a bloodied but triumphant group as they trudge back to their camp with their captive.



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