Reckless Breakage

A Hero Falls


As the beast thrashes Lavitz’s already mangled body his eyes widen, exploding into a surge of power. Bright white flames pour from them and he screams in agony. A man once known for being hardened and a natural survivalist has become shackled by weakness. His spear planted still firm in his grasp, Lavitz attempts to escape death once more but can not find the strength to do so. He is struck once more, releasing him from not only from his pain but unlocking a power that was bound deep inside long ago. The exhausted limp body folds onto the sand, the Lavitz known and loved was gone. All that remained was his token, located at the butt of his lucky spear. The bronze gilded leaf appears to have drawn the power from Lavitz expanding it into a spiked ball shrouded in arcane ruins. With some careful observation of the ball, Setalle, Daeovan, and Nythok understand the it is a message reading “I have trusted this to a man I knew couldn’t snap this arcane seal until his own death. Take this token and a piece of the carriers body with you to a place of great arcane power and you shall see my face”


i still say we dump the body in the deepest silt pond and be done with it

A Hero Falls

Lavitz died after I’d left the game? NOOOOOOO!

A Hero Falls

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