Reckless Breakage

A New Job Offer Appears!

At Kled the party was greeted by Constable Kraine who was pleased to see the group again. Unfortunately neither Kraine or J’elle had seen or heard from Sarta, worrisome news. With word of their intent to go to Tyr, Kraine happily arranged for the group to accompany one of the regular caravans leaving the mining town. He warned the group of the increasing problem with caravan raids and introduced the group to a mul warden who would also be protecting the caravan. True to Kraine’s word, the caravan was attacked by bandits riding landsharks. The party successfully fought off the attackers and made it successfully to Tyr.

Relieved to have finally reached Tyr, the group approached Rhea Khan’s business only to be confronted by the irate trader. Infuriated, the merchant accused the the group of tampering with the chest, stealing its contents, and even the murder of Sarta – who had never arrived in Tyr. The group denied all accusations, but Rhea Khan could not be convinced, especially with the absence of Sarta to speak on the group’s behalf.

Rebuffed, the group took care of their individual business before meeting back at the Golden Inix. There, a tall thri-kreen clad with excessive metal jewelry and flanked by two more brutish but similar looking thri-kreen bodyguards approached the group with a proposition. He introduced himself as Chi-tee, owner of the Hive Mind trading company and advised the group he had heard about their turn of luck with Rhea Khan and explained he was a business rival. He offered a substantial sum of money if the group would accept a job from him, but he would not reveal the details until the group accepted his offer.

After much debate, the group agreed and the nefarious thri-kreen laid out his plan. He informed the group that a certain customer, Drasko Ravavich, was due in four days to ship a chest full of liths to Raam as part of a transaction with Rhea Khan. Stealing the chest would be effective, but more preferable would be to quietly swap out the precious goods for a dummy and let the theft not be discovered until arrival. If the group could do this, Chi-tee promised greater rewards and future profitable ventures with his organization.


as I fear the worst ………….i fear the first to bite hold………….will fall with the rest

we are destined to…………… lateness and apathy sure……….the sun burns to hot


A New Job Offer Appears!

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