Reckless Breakage

Death and Decisions

After resting, the party gathered to confront their prisoner. Rialta is a genasi, born with an air elemental’s soul, and it shows in the constant breeze that stirs the air where ever she happens to be.

The group demands information, about the assassins, about the Watchers. Despite her situation Rialta is condescending and dismissive – but she does not hold her tongue. She tells the group that she belongs to an order of assassins called the Obsidian Order, and after much badgering, she reveals to them her medallion – a piece of rough obsidian fashioned into a disc with a hole in the center – crude and yet also precisely shaped. She explains she has never personally met the Watchers, they contact her psionically and sent her on jobs – just like this one. She notes with interest that this was first time she was sent to work with a team to take out multiple targets – Rialta usually takes single targets. She admits she met the other assassins about a day north of the camp, guided there by the Watchers, and advised by the Watchers when the party was returning so as to prepare their ambush. Rialta warns the party that the Obsidian Order will not stop, even now they are watching, and when at last Jora and Lavitz kill the smug assassin woman, Shaqtir keenly feels the Watcher’s wrath.

Discussing the genasi’s pendant, the group realizes the other assassins likely had pendants as well. Returning to the scene of last night’s fight, they find the dead bodies already being consumed by a flock of kestrakels. The avian scavenger cluster around the bodies and circle in the sky and give the party much grief for disturbing their meals. Dodge, dashing, and swatting at the birds, the group recovers all the pendants. Only Jora is unmolested by the filthy scavengers, moving silently and unobtrusively, his mental aura coaxing the birds to ignore him as he retrieves some of the pendants.

Returning to the came, Nythok is met by Yvonne, who asks the dragonborn to help lead the ritual tonight as Krask is too weak. Nythok reacts angrily. He rebukes Yvonne, arguing that the ritual she and Krask has crafted is crude and dangerous. As a presever and a ritual caster, Nythok warns Yvonne that the power they are weilding is not coming from themselves – and until they know exactly where that power comes from, they are no better than defilers themselves. Yvonne and Nythok argue at length. When presented with the debate, the party eventually sides with Nythok. In the end they come to an agreement – Nythok, Krask and Yvonne spend the remainder of their promised week’s time studying and researching the restoration ritual. The rest of the party works clearing a field in the nearest restored area, preparing the earth for sowing grain.



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