Reckless Breakage

Resupply at Urik

The group parted ways with Yvonne and Krask heading back to the ruined village of Ashrak. Setting their path north, the group decided to head for Urik to resupply before taking the road to Raam. Without Yvonne’s expert guidance, the party’s estimation of 5 days to Urik instead took them 7 days as they fumbled about the wastes.

Finally arriving in Urik, the adventurers quickly found lodgings and stabled their kanks. Reviewing their resources, they decide to sell one kank in order to purchase enough supplies for their expedition to Raam. Asking around garners them a bit of luck and they’re directed to the Slave Pens of Urik.

Rak’hat is an imposing looking thri-kreen with a dark brown carapace. The owner and manager of the Obsidian Stables, he holds the contract with the city of Urik for supplying mounts and draft beasts for work in the city’s obsidian mines. The party cleaned up their kank and sent the entrepreneurial Deovan in to negotiate. Rak’hat was impressed by the beast and willingly worked up to a price of 550 jade for the kank. The haggling done, the stable hands led away the insect mount and the clerk handed Deovan his payment.

After that, the group set out to purchase supplies. A number of small purchases were easily made in the market or with small business owners: minor repairs made, new clothing fitted, blades sharpened, unguents acquired. The majority of their supplies, food and water for all, were acquired from a mul caravan merchant named Samche. He negotiates narrowly, but the promise of future business lures him and he eventually relents and sells the group 49 days of supplies for 240 jade. He also advises the group that a caravan is currently hiring guards and is due to leave in 8 days, but the party declines to hire on.

Returning to the Doomed Gazelle Inn, the adventurers settle in for a well-earned rest.



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