Reckless Breakage

The Road to Raam

On the road to Raam a storm sweeps over the adventurers and their solitary kank. Wind howls and lightening flashes as irregular sheets of rain pelts them. Whipping eddies send swirls of dust and grit tears at their protective clothing.

The elemental maelstrom births strange things, and drawn to the presence of living things, a shardstorm vortex appears from the wind and dust in the midst of the trudging party. All around them, flickers of elemental motes hover and flare. Fire, obsidian, and pure cutting wind attack them.

The smallest elementals are weak and unstable, they dissipate quickly before Setalle’s arcane prowess. The rest of the group attack in unison and destroy the enraged shardstorm vortex. It loses cohesion and the dust and stones of its existence blow away in the howling winds of the storm.

The party trudges on as the storm howls around their heads, but there is no point in stopping. Shelter might be found amid the rocky roadside, but their supplies are limited and any delay is that much more time spend unprotected in the open desert.



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