A prominent trader in Tyr


Species: Half-elf
Location: Tyr


Rea’Khan once led some of the largest caravans in and out of Tyr. There is no road in Athas Rea’Khan has not traveled and he knows every trick in the trade in getting his cargo from point A to point B. Age has caught up to the half-elf and he has decided to “settle down” in the city of Tyr. His intelligence and wisdom has made him one of the toughest bargainers in the territory. People would be surprised with the number of people who owes Rea’Khan a “favor” and most people do not want to know how people are indebted to Rea’Khan. Considered to be “fairly honest”, Rea’Khan is approachable by all, but his specialty is handling trades that require an element of danger or anonymity.

“More for Less” is a large but modest store owned by Rea’Khan in the caravan district and is staffed by various young men (elves, half-elves, humans).


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