Tutorial Page 2

Okay, so you have some time to spare, and you’d like to help, but you don’t want to write new wiki pages…

That’s okay! One thing that is greatly needed is cross-linking wiki pages!

Word Association

So you’re reading a journal entry or a wiki page and it references another wiki page whether that be a character, item, location, or something else. Make it link!

  • Click the Edit this Page button
  • Highlight the name or word
  • Look to the right sidebar
  • Use the Wiki Page Link Lookup to select a page
  • Or follow the directions to use the Character Link Lookup

Also Appearing In…

Same scenario, you’re on a wiki page and you remember this person, item, or place was particularly important in the last game or so. Maybe even the journal entry directly references this thing! Well, maybe its already been linked on the journal page, but what about a reverse link?

  • Click the Edit this Page button
  • Look for the “Journal References” subtitle (if its not there, make one near the bottom of the entry!)
  • Use the Wiki Page Link Lookup to add a link to the appropriate adventure log.

If you need pointers on making links, remember to check the Tutorial Page and remember you can click “Edit this Page” anytime to see how links are set up without changing anything if you don’t want to.

Tutorial Page 2

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